Moola Docs
What is MOO?
MOO is a cERC20 token that was minted on the Celo blockchain. Its purpose is to coordinate governance decision making and incentive behavior that benefits the Moola ecosystem.
What is MOO’s token address?
How many MOO are there?
Is there an API endpoint I can use to see Circulating Supply? Yes, here.
Can more MOO be minted?
Yes, but only via Moola governance.
What can I do with MOO?
You can deposit your MOO in Moola to earn compound interest and borrow against the value of your MOO collateral. You can stake your MOO in Ubeswap pools to earn trading fees and additional MOO as part of the liquidity mining token incentive. You can transfer MOO to other addresses on the Celo network. It is anticipated that control over Moola protocol governance decisions and the community treasury will be transferred to MOO owners.
If I hold MOO tokens, does that impact my Health Factor?
No, MOO tokens are not collateral assets and they will not impact your Health Factor. MOO tokens as of now cannot be borrowed from Moola.
What is Yield Farming?
Yield farming is the act of putting your asset(s) into decentralized finance (DeFi) applications as a liquid provider to earn interest, fees, or other rewards.
What is Moola protocol governance? Moola protocol governance is the process in which decisions that influence Moola market parameters are made and the process in which those decisions are enacted. Examples include; deciding which assets to add, loan-to-value ratios, liquidation thresholds, fee amounts, and where to allocate collected fees.
Which contract was used for the MOO token?
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