What is APY?

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. More information on APY can be found here.

What is loan-to-value (LTV)?

LTV = Loan / Collateral Value * 100%

What is 'current' loan-to-value (LTV)? Current LTV is your loan-to-value ratio as of the most recent state of the network that Moola is aware of.

What is 'new' loan-to-value (LTV)?

New LTV is a simulated loan-to-value ratio. It is intended to show you what your loan-to-value ratio would be if the current asset you've selected and quantity you've input were submitted as a transaction to the network and confirmed in a block. What is a collateral asset? A collateral asset is any asset that is being used as collateral for a loan. This means that it can be liquidated if your Health Factor drops below 1. By default, all deposited assets are used as collateral.

What is a debt asset?

A debt asset is any asset that has been borrowed from Moola.

Where can I find the mToken addresses?

mCELO — 0x7d00cd74ff385c955ea3d79e47bf06bd7386387d

mcUSD — 0x918146359264c492bd6934071c6bd31c854edbc3

mcEUR — 0xe273ad7ee11dcfaa87383ad5977ee1504ac07568

mcREAL- 0x9802d866fdE4563d088a6619F7CeF82C0B991A55

Who created your icon?

The "Bull" icon was created by Mat fine from the Noun Project.

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